【遊戲內容】 三思而後言!限制對話功能即將上線
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不良的行為很容破壞遊戲體驗,其中言語的攻擊與騷擾是相當常見的;雖然藉由審判系統能夠對一些惡質玩家起到懲罰的作用,但原廠 Riot 的社群系統首席設計師 Lyte 認為,這並不能完全解決惡質玩家的問題。在經過測試伺服器的實驗後,「限制對話功能」即將在正式伺服器上實施了!這個功能是怎麼運作的呢?Lyte 又希望這個功能可以達到什麼效果呢?讓我們直接聽聽 Lyte 怎麼說吧!



  Lyte 的話


For a while now, the player behavior team has recognized that bans are not the complete solution for dealing with toxic players in League of Legends. Although some toxic players were deterred by bans, a non-trivial number of these players would create new accounts, shift their toxicity and create negative experiences for low level players.


TL;DR: An experiment we have been testing on the PBE is “Restricted Chat Mode.” This is an account restriction that disables [All] Chat, and limits the number of chat messages that the player can send to team chat—the number of chat messages available slowly increases over the course of a game. We have decided to run a larger-scale test of this experiment on Live server. Initially, Restricted Chat Mode will be applied in addition to Tribunal bans. Restricted players will have to play matchmade games to remove Restricted Chat Mode and the number of matchmade games required to lift Restricted Chat Mode will depend on the severity of the ban. Depending on the data and success of this experiment, we will begin completely replacing some types of bans with Restricted Chat Mode.


On the player behavior team, one of our core philosophies is to create features that can help toxic players reform their behavior. In the past year, we’ve continued to use bans while we conducted a large research effort to explore the psychology of behavioral learning. We focused on a short-list of goals; for example, we wanted to develop features that would force players to be more accountable for their actions. To address this goal, the majority of our experiments on alternative punishments will be tied to games played, and not a set duration of time. Secondly, the majority of our experiments will allow players to remain on their main account but with specific restrictions on the account. Restricted players will no longer be able to jump onto a smurf account for a few days, and then jump back on their main—they will have to play matchmade games to unlock account privileges.


We also wanted to identify features that could accomplish two goals:
(1) The feature had to be reasonably valuable to the toxic player to encourage them to stay on their main account
(2) The feature had to shield the community from the player’s toxicity if they refused to reform


  1. 鼓勵惡質玩家停留在他們的本尊帳號。
  2. 若惡質玩家拒絕改正他們的行為,其他玩家可以受到保護。

Restricted Chat Mode forces toxic players to think carefully about their chat messages and what they use them for. If these players still choose to rage, they will immediately hit their message cap and be muted. This message cap mechanic shields players in the game from further toxicity, and also acts as a reminder that verbal abuse or harassment is unacceptable.


We acknowledge that Restricted Chat Mode isn’t suitable for all toxic behaviors; however, there’s no silver bullet here. This is just the beginning and we will keep experimenting with new account restrictions to add. Throughout this process, we’re going to need the help of all of our positive players in League. Use the player behavior systems like Tribunal [link] and Honor [link], because both will be vital for some of our future experiments.








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